last night was definitely the best halloween party i've been to down south in a long while...felt a little bit like home ~ especially when i saw dan...dan, you would make a terrific queen - thanks for bonding over lipstick with me.

vip room was off the hizzie once we took over the dance floor. actually, the party only rocked because of our wild antics and stellar dance moves. otherwise it would have been just another lame, let's get dressed up but act too cool to have fun, kind of party. and well, those kind of party's suck. glad to know my friends can rock out (some even with their artificial cocks out)!

if you want to see the pics off my digicam, check out http://photos.yahoo.com/playrawkstar.

oh, and the naughty pictures of dan are for sale if you're interested. =)

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Dan said...

How fun! I'm glad you wrote such a wonderful blog about that night cause I'm too lazy to do it myself! We had OHSOMUCH fun! great pics, great times, & NO, those pictures are NOT for sale! =)

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