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so for the holiday weekend olly and i decided to skip the turkey & stuffing, and headed up the coast to the city. we made it all the way to monterey by thursday night and were in s.f. by friday afternoon. we took more pictures then humanly necessary and shopped more than, well, more than we really should have. speaking of shopping - to my delight, there are now two H&M stores in downtown s.f....for those of you who don't know, H&M is quite possibly one of the best european department stores ever. i couldn't have been happier.

olly and i checked out some places in the city too - the mission/noe valley will be home one day soon. we found some amazing new lofts off of harrison. you're more than welcome to donate to the "help olly & natalie move to s.f." fund during the holiday season. all contibutors will be welcome to stay out our humble abode whenever they like.

anyone want to head back with us for new years?....

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JESSICA said...

1. they have an H&M up there ow?? rad. megs and i practically blew our entire budget at the one in london.

2. mission/noe valley? you'll be right next to miss angela... nice to have my family all in one place. :)

3. i'll donate all i've got to get you two up there with me. right now, that's only about a dollar, but hey whatever'll help.

4. the pictures are awesome.

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