so, i got an early christmas present from my company on monday morning. my boss, the degrading chauvinistic weasel of a man, was fired. i was elated. i was beyond elated. ecstatic. over joyed. full of glee. i could not have received better news...finally, the tyrant was killed by his own tyranny. it was a wonderful day.

but, it didn't end there. today, i was given the honor of scraping his name off the glass wall to his office, forever removing him from our presence. there was laughter, applause and cheers from my fellow co-workers, all of whom shared my joy in his removal. this symbolic act, the goo gone and x-acto blade at my side, was my liberation. i had been freed.

i will no longer dread coming to work in the morning. i will no longer sit pensively waiting for the beast to emerge from his cage, only to lash out and retreat again. laughter and joy have returned to my little cubicle. hope has returned...hooray i say. hooray!


JESSICA said...

hahaha... congrats nats. and here i was just telling shaun about your interesting "history" with your co-workers over there. he wants me to keep you at bay so that his political career might have a chance.

Casie said...

Love your blog - I espc like the descriptions of your boss.
I feel the same way about mine & would love an early Christmas present myself.

welcome to the end. of the page that is.

say hello.

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