so this morning on my way to work i saw a lost little munchkin wandering down my street. i was already barely making it to work on time, but i couldn't bear the thought of leaving a little dog to wander around our racetrack of a street. so i pulled over and met my newest friend. she came straight into my arms and we bonded instantly. we don't know her name, so we've named her love. she's the most docile little creature i've ever encountered and i don't want to let her go. but it's the holidays, and i would be crying endlessly if i ever lost one of my pets, so the found signs are going up when i get home from work today. maybe i can offer to be her pet-sitter if her family is ever away...

UPDATE: after posting signs all over our neighborhood last night, our little love was reunited with her owner. her name is daisy and she lives a few doors down from us. i'm already missing my love.

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