lindsay sent me this little lovely today...i love sinks. and i love paper clips. what a terrific combo! the blue water drop paper clips hang magnetically from the awesome!
slowly but surely the house is becoming my own...
i am undoubtedly a glutton for old typewriters. i adore my vintage portable olympia and look forward to the day that i have enough space to expand what will one day be a collection of vintage typing machines. ahhh, all the lovely type faces and clickity keys. i can't wait. in the interim, i take joy in oogling over my typewriter - an awesome online typewriter store.

there are portables, desktops, super old and fairly new...ribbons, jewelry and more.

hooray for type.

many thanks to lindsay for finding this one...the amazing oooms memory sticks. so at the top of my wishlist...right next to that mac book pro.

my heart aches for you
and your beautiful girls...

i've been without my car for over 2 months now and really don't miss it a bit. i do however miss getting places within a reasonable amount of time. seeing as it takes me an hour to get home each night and i'm really only traveling three miles is a little absurd. i've debated getting a bicycle, but those of you who know me also know that won't last longer then a month. the thought of being rather sweaty when i arrive to the office just doesn't sound pleasant. weekend rides, no problem...but i don't think i'll be peddling anywhere at 8 in the morning.

what to do...what to do...?

my best solution thus far is saving up for a vespa. not just any vespa. the vespa my little heart has been in love with for years. yes folks, the vespa granturismo in vintage green. without a doubt vintage green is the only color i would get a vespa in, and the old school style of the grantursimo is just what this city girl needs. i'm not really sure when i could get one. if i sold my car i could buy one the same day, but somehow selling a car that's already paid off doesn't seem like a good idea. so the quest to save for a vespa is on...
many, many thanks to my mum for bringing these
little owlies into my life...

it's been awhile since i've had a chance to update this little place. the holidays are finally upon us and the spirit of christmas is slowly creeping up on me. or perhaps it already has as i sit here typing, eating gingerbread cookies with a glass of milk and watching a charlie brown christmas...

aside from working in the wee hours of the morning on thanksgiving day, the long weekend was a much needed retreat. oliver flew up and late on friday we drove through the forests to reach the small coastal town of mendocino. from deer to caterpillars to baby cows - i couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

soon enough i'll be flying back down south for christmas celebrations with family and friends...and then it's time to celebrate the new year. ah, 2007 - i greet you with open arms...
well, i've finally concluded my quest for some awesome rainboots. after seeing a great pair my friend lindsay got from target last year, i decided to check their site to see if they had any great finds...and lucky for me they did! i'm the excited new owner of cupcake and starry sky boots. hooray!

while browsing through popgadet today i came across the ultimate christmas gift.

a yellow submarine.

not a toy submarine. not a remote controlled mini submarine. this is my dear friends, a full fledged, three passenger submarine. for the cost of a gas guzzling auto, you can now own your own
exomus goby.

this little yellow beauty is surrounded by windows that give you 360ยบ views of the beautiful ocean scape surrounding you. also equipped with a scanning sonar and gps so you don't get lost (which i would probably manage to do regardless). oh, and you can get it in other colors as well...

one day it will be mine.

anyone care to join me at the cut & paste design contest this saturday?
buy tickets
here or at the door...
more details

um, i think i'm in love....
saw this one on nebo it.
see more
check out these amazing wristlets, bags, etc from angela liu

i am totally in are a few of my personal favorites...

i've been debating for awhile now to update my kitchen. there's not much i can do since it's a rental, which kind of sucks. especially seeing as my cupboards are all white with white plastic handles. so i figured the most i could do is swap out the ugly white handles with something either a little more old world, or completely modern.

naturally i've been putting it off, but after seeing this post on apartment therapy, i finally got the motivation to make the change. i'm not sure if i'll go with the european bar pulls. there's an old built in victoian hutch in my kitchen, so i'm not quite sure they will the quest begins for some lovely handles.

any suggestions on places with great pulls? thus far anthropologie as at the top of the list - but i'd definitely like to shop around...
so after a couple weeks of ridiculous hours working, i finally had a chance to breathe and do some fun things around town.

last night bill clinton was in the city supporting prop my co-workers colin, lindsay and i headed out to the civic center to see an inspiring man speak. after some performances by the lead singer of 3rd eye blind, bonnie rait and eva longoria - the man himself finally arrived. he was mesmerizing. hands down the best public speaker i have ever seen (and following years of rhetoric and public speaking classes, i'm a harsh judge). he was enigmatic, well versed and well, rather tan. i know, weird, but seriously, he looked really tan...

tonight i had the pleasure of being in the presence of one my personal idols, ralph steadman. he was in town promoting his memoirs of his friendship with the late hunter s. thompson (a man who indirectly forever changed my life). he was hilarious. he had depth. he had such love and passion and such sadness over the loss of such a great friend. he read us a short story, went through a slide show of his works with in depth explanations and had a brief QA. he was absolutely charming and i couldn't feel more satisfied...

on the cover of in all it's glory.
(does anyone find this as funny as i do?)
so i'm sure most of you have already seen these, but everytime i come across their site, i fall in love all over again. i think i'm going to have to give in and finally order one (or ten). check these sleek found paper journals by five and a half here.

happy halloween!

why does my house not look like this? i need a loftish home...

indexed is a terrific collection of index card art - you have to check them out.

i'm not sure how i found this blog, but it is stunning. as a glutton for found objects, typography and items older then myself, i couldn't have been more pleased the when i stumbled across ace jet 170. i personally love the post on the view-master stereoscope...

because i can. and you can too.
well, the rainy season in san francisco is just around the corner, so i've begun my quest for a great pair of rainboots to last me through the season. rainboots these days seem to be pretty blase, but thanks to diane's little lambs rainwear, there are now some festive booties to keep rainy days nice and bright.
these are a few of my personal favorites...
so i periodically browse through blik to see if there is something to get for my cube at work. okay, well there's a ton i can get - it's more a question if i should be investing in my cubicle or my apartment. but this is all besides the point...
blik now has car decals. most amazing thing ever. okay, maybe not the amazing thing ever, but definitely the coolest thing i've seen all day...
check out the decals

heading to seattle today...will try to post some new findings while in the emerald city. in the interim, check out these books by su blackwell. absolutely amazing.

at long last, i finally have my etsy shop up and running. i still have a lot more cases that need to be put up, and will be updating the shop every week with a new case - so check it out. i'm taking special requests for the holidays now - so let me know if there is anything special you want for a loved one. check out the cases here.
another goodie i found on notcot. check out this amazing collection by jessica cushman.

made out of pre-ban ivoy, this
scrimshaw collection is to die for...
while browsing through notcot yesterday i came across these awesome cards by o plus d. check out the collection here - they are absolutely hilarious.

thank goodness for lindsay, otherwise i totally would have missed the capsule street festival for design. if you live in the bay area you should definitely check out all the great designers that will be showing off their goods this weekend in hayes valley.

the festival is this sunday, october 22nd from 11 -6. located at octavia between fell and hayes.

while browsing through etsy today i came across an incredible designer, and subsequently, her amazing blog showcasing her awesomeness. no seriously - check out the wonders of
inside a black apple. Emily Martin has some of the most charming items i've seen in a long while, my personal favorite being her 'doll house' (pictured above from emily's site). check out her etsy shop the black apple and help support an amazing and talented artist.
kid robot has been carrying these amazing miniature chairs by reina called the design interior collection. i've has been eyeing the white arm chair for awhile and decided today to finally buy a blind box and hope i hit the jackpot. well, i kind of did. i managed to get the foot rest for the chair, but not the chair itself. needless to say, i was pretty bummed, and of course the only option was to buy the entire 3rd volume of chairs.

i was there with marty who got a blind box monger and was nice enough to let me use him as a model in my new chairs...enjoy!

welcome to the end. of the page that is.

say hello.

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