i am officially a resident of san francisco. oliver and i spent almost a week trekking through the city looking for the perfect place. or well, any place really. finally on our last day as we were prepping to return down south we found a place. not just any place at that.

as many of you know, i've been hunting in a particular part of town. i'm a hippie at heart, and well, hippies tend to love the haight and the park. i indeed love these two things. so naturally it was my goal to find something in ashbury heights, the haight or cole valley. requirements included bay windows, hardwood floors and a kitchen i would be willing to eat in. and that is precisely what i found. so it's not a cute victorian home. it's not expansive with crown moldings. but it is a delightful one bedroom overlooking the golden gate park panhandle, two blocks from haight and two blocks from two amazing ladies i've gotten to know in these last couple of weeks. and the most important part for all of you - there's room for you to crash on my floor...

i move sometime in the very near future - i.e. sometime this weekend. it's a total emotional roller coaster relocating - especially when you have a special someone in your life. but that city is electric. eclectic. everything.

i'll post photo's of my pad once i'm there...

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