so, i never really realized how much stuff i had till i had to actually move using a moving company. especially once the movers commented that never before had they seen so much in a one bedroom apartment. i admit - i love things. i collect found objects. every trip requires some sort of momento in which to remember it by. i keep virtually all gifts - even the tacky ones i'm not that fond of if it's from someone i love. i have shoes - lots of them. and plenty of clothes to match. (and handbags...) i have two pets, and while they are small, they too have a lot of stuff. nonetheless, i managed to get everything up here and just like a puzzle, everything fit into place. (minus the 5 trashbags of clothing i have to sell simply because there just isn't enough room...)

so between oliver and i, we managed to get almost everything unpacked rather fast. i still have to finish the office and the bedroom - but for those who have inquired, here are some pictures of the place thus far. it was a little hard to photograph - this place is illuminated beyond belief during the day and well, i didn't want to close the blinds, otherwise you wouldn't see my nice view of the panhandle, which is literally, right across the street.

while i miss my family and friends, and dread oliver's return to orange county - i absolutely adore it up here. my spirits are already lifted and everything (or well, minus oliver) is in it's right place. he'll be needing road trip buddies - so if anyone wants to come up over a weekend, drop him or myself a line and we'll figure it out...


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