See Enzie Shahmiri's work on exhibit, Saturday July 29th at the "Art Among the Arbors"art show. The show is hosted by the Saddleback Art League and will be held at the Mission Viejo Library from 10am until 4pm. (Free admission.)

Don't miss out on your chance to participate in the hourly free portrait drawing. Each winner will receive a free oil portrait (up to 8"x10") - content can be chosen by winner.

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because sometimes you just need something to smile at.
so while at the moma, i finally caved and bought my lomo fisheye camera (this of course after i bought my moma membership, which saved me 10% off my camera. sweet.) granted, i already have the lomo fisheye adaptor, but well, that's really for my holga and will one day mount proudly on a digi canon...just not yet. so for now, i have my lomo. next on the list, the horizon perfekt. =)

finally, someone realized that some of us like plain yogurt. not strawberry, blueberry, vanilla, tapioca or banana. just plain, smooth and creamy yogurt. perhaps you're thinking, but they've always had plain yogurt. indeed they have - but never in single serve form! now i can buy yogurt and enjoy it in my single person household without it going bad. my food options have just quadrupled in less then 24 hours, sheerly by the discovery of the single serve plain yogurt. (many thanks to leah & hanna for introducing me to the brown cow) ahhh, the simple things in life are always the best...

so, i thought i had seen it all...until i saw this.
alas, i finally have an opportunity to see the band i was raised on, with none other then the woman who raised me. this is going to rock.

i <3 borat.
i just got tickets to manu chao!!!

stephen berkman

i went to seattle for work last week. it was a short few day trip. i spent most of it lost in my head waiting to return to the city - awaiting the arrival of michelle and olly.

there was a lot of quiet time. a lot of memories resurfacing. meals with old friends. long walks through city streets...

i feel as though every time i've been there, i've been an entirely different person. it's the only time in my life i actually feel as though i'm progressing...

so i'm a little behind...

jess came up two weekends ago for pride weekend. or well, she came up to see angie and i, but well, we spent our time celebrating with the mighty proud folks of the city. from moby dicks to marching in the gay pride parade - i would say it was a weekend of gaiety. (yes, the pun was dreadfully intended)

for those of you who have never been in a gay pride parade, or any parade for that matter, i highly suggest you give it a shot one day. it's rather fantastic if you ask me....
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