so while i was browsing though the web today, i discovered this little wonder for all my coffee fanatic friends. let me preface this by saying: do not buy one of these for my house. i finally have a french press thanks to the biggest coffee addict i know - my lovely mom. so yes, there is now coffee at my house for all you fiends.

but back to my point - there is now a portable coffee press that fits in a nalgene bottle. i assume i'm the only one out of all of you who actually owns a nalgene bottle seeing as i drink water, not coffee. nonetheless, they are easy to find at every hippy food store and sometimes larger retailers carry them too. (i consider them an essential in ensuring you drink 34oz of water a day) so yes, this wonderful little coffee press fits in a wide-mouth nalgene bottle and even has a spout so you can drink directly from the container or share with friends.

i ♥ gadgets.
even kitties need ugly newest creation for little diego.
so my best roommate ever has launched her own line of amazing things. i'm a personal glutton for her clutches - i love them. but she also has super cool clothing now too. you can check out her myspace here - below are a few pics of her stuff...

yosi opened pandora's box of awesomeness today when he posted this:

the scallywag sloop pirate themed club house -
quite possibly the coolest thing i have ever seen
and available at none other then costco.

want to see more? check out the custom

not interested in a tree house? how about a luxury
the musee is back!!!
"Everybody is bummed because it's a really long flight and looking good is part of the industry," says Jane Magazine beauty director Erin Flaherty. "You're seeing all of your colleagues on the plane. I think everybody is going to have their most oversized sunglasses on. They should screen people in the airport better. It seems like such an ignorant solution. The terrorists got exactly what they wanted."

fishy anyone?
amongst the plethora of random things i do,
i've now started making cat toys.
these feline wonders are handmade out of felt and cotton
and stuffed with cat nip - the wonder drug all felines love.
want one? drop me a line.

so, oliver and i were walking to dinner last night and as we cross the park we see a guy sitting on the sidewalk pulling some substance out of a trash bag and throwing it over his head, laughing with glee as it showered down upon him. (think scrooge mc duck in his money vault...) as we get closer, we realize it's certainly not money in the trash bag, but mounds and mounds of marijuana. no joke. naturally he stops us to share in his excitement of having found a trashbag of weed in a dumpster. he was literally sitting in a pile of leaves and buds. unreal. and his master plan? to sell the bud on haight and spend the money at albertsons to buy some beer and celebrate. (i love this city.) oliver traded him a cigarette for a leaf...good times....
yosi finds such wonderful things...

in more avatar goodness...our little promo made cnn headline news.
check it.
this so should not be allowed. gross. no seriously.
why don't you throw a gold chain on while you're at it.
Yahoo, Wal-Mart Build a Virtual Catwalk
Contest Puts the Retailer's Fashions on Users' Avatars
Yuki Noguchi Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, August 10, 2006
Do you want to be a model? Are you runway ready? Are you prepared to work it?
Okay, maybe not. But perhaps your avatar is, and this week, Yahoo and Wal-Mart launched an online casting call.

It's a marketing pitch, of course: The biggest Web site in the world wants more users to think about developing an online profile, complete with an avatar, a cartoonish replica of oneself. And the world's largest retailer wants a chance to hook in with the fashionable Internet set.
At stake: Five (real) $100 Wal-Mart gift cards for the winners, and a shot at fame -- for their avatars.

As the Internet comes of age, more companies are trying to make it possible for Web users to give their online presence a lifelike personality -- or at least a lifelike appearance. AOL, for example, gives its users the option of choosing 3-D avatars that laugh, shake their heads and respond to things written during an instant-message conversation.

Thousands of avatars inhabit parallel Web-based worlds such as Second Life and a site called There, where users design humanoid versions of themselves, clothe them, buy things, socialize with other avatars, and read newspapers about current events in those worlds.

Avatars have also given Web sites opportunities to market themselves and encourage user participation. Earlier this year, MTV's broadband video channel, Overdrive, sponsored an avatar fashion show on Second Life. On, a user can set up an avatar to give sports commentary -- the best of which gets featured on the home page as the "Voice of the Fan."
To compete in the Yahoo fashion show, an avatar must come decked out in Wal-Mart style. That is to say, the contestant must dress his or her avatar in clothes, swimwear, hats and shoes chosen from the online armoire provided by Yahoo and Wal-Mart.

There is, for example, the "orange and yellow Hawaiian swimsuit and sarong." A more modest avatar might chose the "long blue coat w/ fur collar." There is also the "brown business suit & newspaper," which hews more to the K Street commuter look.

"It's a great campaign to reach the youth audience online, and we have marketing partners who want to reach their target audience," said Yahoo spokeswoman Terrell Karlsten. "Teens are obsessed with self-expression and personalization," and perhaps the ones who haven't created an alter ego will be inspired to create their own avatars.

As of yesterday evening, the front-runner in the show was a Madonna look-alike sporting dark shades and wearing a cropped navy tank top and striped green pants, accessorized with multi-colored bracelets and a brown belt. She's accompanied by the avatar of her German shepherd. Like many other contestants, she has her hands on her narrow hips, which are swayed to one side.
Votes -- "cast as many votes as you like" -- will be tallied through Nov. 8. They can be cast at .
i ♥ pumpkin carving.

so, as part of our delightful back to school campaign, we are running a fantastic promo with yahoo for an avatar fashion show. our team is a little obsessed, okay, really obsessed with yahoo avatars. they're fantastic. really. but so my point of all this...i had to share these with you - my favorite submissions from the fashion show. avatar goodness...

snoop dogg just left a voicemail on my phone.

i'm serious.

why would snoop dogg leave a message on my phone, you ask?

because i just got spammed by orbitz gum. no joke. i just wasted precious cell phone minutes trying to figure out why the guy in my voicemail sounded just like snoop, until he said he was snoop to the d-o-double g. and then the damn orbitz lady came on. you know - the blonde one from the commercials? yeah.


this is above and beyond not cool. yeah, i know - i'm the person at work who is always saying "rad - we can advertise on people's phones!" - but that does not mean, under any circumstance, do i want advertisements on my phone.

i wonder if t-mobile will reimburse me for my wasted two minutes. those bastards...
"Today, the only solution I see is thousands of small revolutions. I believe in the revolution of the barrios. You and I can't change the world, but we can change ourselves. We can change our own families, and we can even change our own neighborhoods. There, nobody has excuses." - manu chao
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