so while i was browsing though the web today, i discovered this little wonder for all my coffee fanatic friends. let me preface this by saying: do not buy one of these for my house. i finally have a french press thanks to the biggest coffee addict i know - my lovely mom. so yes, there is now coffee at my house for all you fiends.

but back to my point - there is now a portable coffee press that fits in a nalgene bottle. i assume i'm the only one out of all of you who actually owns a nalgene bottle seeing as i drink water, not coffee. nonetheless, they are easy to find at every hippy food store and sometimes larger retailers carry them too. (i consider them an essential in ensuring you drink 34oz of water a day) so yes, this wonderful little coffee press fits in a wide-mouth nalgene bottle and even has a spout so you can drink directly from the container or share with friends.

i ♥ gadgets.

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