"Fidobags are the most loyal of all luggage. Great for travel, overnight stays or just to take down the gym, The bags are fully lined, have an adjustable shoulder strap, and most ingeniously feature a separatable, decapitatable head so you can always get to your phone, keys, passport etc."

when i first heard the name fido bag and saw the picture i thought it was some absurd bag to carry your dog in. luckily it's not - it's just a funny little purse in the ambiguous shape of my favorite little friends. too bad these puppies go for 180 bucks.

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JESSICA said...

without reading the rest, i just have to say, this looks like a pretty awful way to carry around your animal. i'm sure anyone who owns one is stopped a hundred times a day to fend off questioning and PETA activists--especially in your city.

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