so, i have a lot of friends who talk about moving to oregon. while i was desperate to leave orange county, i don't think oregon would have been at the top of my list as an alternative. but well, to each their own. i am hoping however that one of my friends moves to The Shire.

The Shire is in Bend, Oregon that is being designed to look like an 18th century village (think Lord of the Rings). No joke. The cottages and village townhomes are modern on the inside, but their exteriors have thatched roofs and cobble stone walls. And it gets better - to make sure you really feel like you're in the Lord of the Rings - there are little 'hobbit dwellings' with little round hobbit doors. sorry to say, no hobbits reside within them, however they do house all the tools to maintain The Shire. So all you big folk and little folk alike who are looking to move to Oregon - I suggest The Shire, and be sure to invite an old city gal up sometime, okay?

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