so i'm having a green evening. some of you may know of the rebar group and their PARK(ing) project. for those of you who don't, here's a little background:

the rebar group are an s.f. based collective of green activists/artists who created the PARK(ing) project last year. one parking spot, a roll of sod, a tree and a bench. and there you have it. activist, urban art.

i suppose this wouln't have much of an impact in orange county, but in san francisco where parking spots are worth more then a small child, well, this has an impact. and better yet - it's back!

be your own urban artist, regardless where you live, and turn the streets back into the green. september 21st is PARK(ing) Day - so get out there and green the streets!!!

Need instructions? click here.

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JESSICA said...

you don't think this would have an impact in orange county? au contraire. it'd piss the hell out of everyone. which of course would make it totally worth it. hehe.

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