kid robot has been carrying these amazing miniature chairs by reina called the design interior collection. i've has been eyeing the white arm chair for awhile and decided today to finally buy a blind box and hope i hit the jackpot. well, i kind of did. i managed to get the foot rest for the chair, but not the chair itself. needless to say, i was pretty bummed, and of course the only option was to buy the entire 3rd volume of chairs.

i was there with marty who got a blind box monger and was nice enough to let me use him as a model in my new chairs...enjoy!


Anonymous said...


Where can i buy these chairs ?
Thanks you


natalie shahmiri. said...

hi margot -
various museum stores, like sf moma, carry them, but if you're looking for a particular set or single chair, you best bet is ebay.

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