so my dad came up for a quick visit again this weekend. aside from the usual good food and city wanderings, we also managed to visit the de young museum and the conservatory of flowers during his stay. needless to say, both were amazing.

the de young was under construction when i graduated from university, so this was my first time venturing in since they re-opened their doors. it was stunning. the formation of space was exquisite and the observatory had breathtaking views of all the bay. their collection seemed larger then i remembered, with great pieces from around the world.

from there we ventured to the conservatory of flowers to see the butterfly exhibit. while i do have a general disdain towards bugs, butterflies are pretty much in my top ten of the worlds wonders. they had some amazing species as well as a glass case where you could watch butterflies emerging from their cocoons. awesome. it totally reminded me of elementary school when my mom got me a kit to raise your own monarch butterflies. so great.

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