i've been debating for awhile now to update my kitchen. there's not much i can do since it's a rental, which kind of sucks. especially seeing as my cupboards are all white with white plastic handles. so i figured the most i could do is swap out the ugly white handles with something either a little more old world, or completely modern.

naturally i've been putting it off, but after seeing this post on apartment therapy, i finally got the motivation to make the change. i'm not sure if i'll go with the european bar pulls. there's an old built in victoian hutch in my kitchen, so i'm not quite sure they will go...so the quest begins for some lovely handles.

any suggestions on places with great pulls? thus far anthropologie as at the top of the list - but i'd definitely like to shop around...


Morgan Ahlborn said...

Thats so funny. I was just thinking about how I want to class up my kitchen with some new knobs too. I was thinking anthropologie too. Antique hardware stores are great for that stuff too.

I love your blog. I go to it all the time and am obsessed with all your links.

Hope you're doing well.

M-Eyes said...

go old style! modern in an San Francisco apartment wouldnt look right.

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