so after a couple weeks of ridiculous hours working, i finally had a chance to breathe and do some fun things around town.

last night bill clinton was in the city supporting prop my co-workers colin, lindsay and i headed out to the civic center to see an inspiring man speak. after some performances by the lead singer of 3rd eye blind, bonnie rait and eva longoria - the man himself finally arrived. he was mesmerizing. hands down the best public speaker i have ever seen (and following years of rhetoric and public speaking classes, i'm a harsh judge). he was enigmatic, well versed and well, rather tan. i know, weird, but seriously, he looked really tan...

tonight i had the pleasure of being in the presence of one my personal idols, ralph steadman. he was in town promoting his memoirs of his friendship with the late hunter s. thompson (a man who indirectly forever changed my life). he was hilarious. he had depth. he had such love and passion and such sadness over the loss of such a great friend. he read us a short story, went through a slide show of his works with in depth explanations and had a brief QA. he was absolutely charming and i couldn't feel more satisfied...

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