lindsay sent me this little lovely today...i love sinks. and i love paper clips. what a terrific combo! the blue water drop paper clips hang magnetically from the awesome!
slowly but surely the house is becoming my own...
i am undoubtedly a glutton for old typewriters. i adore my vintage portable olympia and look forward to the day that i have enough space to expand what will one day be a collection of vintage typing machines. ahhh, all the lovely type faces and clickity keys. i can't wait. in the interim, i take joy in oogling over my typewriter - an awesome online typewriter store.

there are portables, desktops, super old and fairly new...ribbons, jewelry and more.

hooray for type.

many thanks to lindsay for finding this one...the amazing oooms memory sticks. so at the top of my wishlist...right next to that mac book pro.

my heart aches for you
and your beautiful girls...
welcome to the end. of the page that is.

say hello.

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