brandi milne is amazing. check out her collection of works here.
i personally love the alice in wonderland type prints...lovely.

amy sol is fantastic - check out her collection of paintings on wood here.
patience is a virtue. if only i were more virtuous...
if one could be reincarnated into an m&m world -
this is surely how i would want to be...

check out the article here.
gah! finally my nerdyness pays off - check out my post on apartment therapy sf tomorrow!
"History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people."

-Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

so, remember that post about really wanting a vespa granturismo in mint green?

i'd like to change my order.

my new account director peter has enlightened me to the wonderous world that is the stella scooter. i have never wanted a scooter so bad in my life as i do now. she is gorgeous. she comes in special editions. she is everything i ever dreamed a scooter should be.

i can't get my mind off of her.

she will be mine....

so i've been inspired by Une Memoire Photographique - a blog featuring a photo taken every day of the year. what a terrific idea. and what a great excuse to use my camera even more then i already do. now when people whine that i'm always taking pictures, i can kindly retort: "but what about my lovely blog readers who anxiously await my photo of the day? i certainly can't let them down. now lay down on that tree branch up there for me, will ya?"

okay, so maybe i'm just dreaming that you all would anxiously await my photo every day. maybe. but just in case you are, check out my new photo blog: my toy camera.

hope you enjoy it!
one day i will be here. one day.
dear life,
i know we were racing to 2007, and well, you beat me by a long shot. (sorry, i was just too busy working too keep up.) but seriously, can we slow it down a bit this year? you know, enjoy one anothers company more?

i was thinking we could create more. and laugh more. go out together more. i promise not to put you on hold anymore.

i just got a bottle of wine. and some great new cd's from jess. want to come over for dinner and a movie tomorrow? i know i said we would watch everything's illuminated months ago. i didn't forget - i still have it.

let's catch up and make great plans for 2007. you and me - best friends again. and let's never rush to the end. never, ever again...

- natalie
i've been wanting a new watch for awhile now. i'm picky when it comes to watches. really picky. i always go for something that resembles a bracelet more then a watch, but this time i wanted something different. being an enormous fan of frank ghery and eyeing every sell out collection he's produced recently i decided to finally buy something. i'm now the very proud owner of a frank gehry watch. a few selling points - the font for the time was designed by gehry, the time is read like the french tell time - prior to the half hour the face will read "15 past 3", past the half hour the watch will read "15 till 4". amazingly awesome in my simple world.

the story of the ultimate uno championship.

alex won super mario bros uno set at our white elephant party last week. being the competitive game player he is, he's been challenging me every chance he gets to a game.

so we've dueled.

diego even got in on a few hands.

alex won a round or two. and then he lost.

this of course fueled the fire for the ultimate championship. winner had to reach a final score of 1000 and to no one's suprise, okay, well maybe alex's, i won. and not just by a little. more like double...he he!
i've been hunting for a terrarium for awhile now, and thanks to design*sponge i now know of the wonderful creations of paula hayes. check out her amazingly fun site here.
i love wood. and i like to consider myself pretty handy too. hence my sudden need for this wooden tape measure. (courtesy rockett st george.)
starting off 2k7 with my newest addition...winston the labbit.
welcome to the end. of the page that is.

say hello.

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