i've been wanting a new watch for awhile now. i'm picky when it comes to watches. really picky. i always go for something that resembles a bracelet more then a watch, but this time i wanted something different. being an enormous fan of frank ghery and eyeing every sell out collection he's produced recently i decided to finally buy something. i'm now the very proud owner of a frank gehry watch. a few selling points - the font for the time was designed by gehry, the time is read like the french tell time - prior to the half hour the face will read "15 past 3", past the half hour the watch will read "15 till 4". amazingly awesome in my simple world.

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MaSRade said...

Congrats on the watch! After reading your post a while back about your XTi I asked for one for Christmas, and was fortunate to get one! I can't tell you how much I love it!!

I picked up a Terradome Terrarium from DWR back in the day (see pics here. I know DWR no longer carries the Terradome, but I understand that Modern Past (in your neck of the woods) still has them.

Love the blog, keep up the good work!

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