i just realized i never wrote about valentines day. apparently my snail paced life is moving far too fast for me to keep up with. so let's just rewind a week...

valentines day was awesome. lindsay handed out my little pony valentine cards with miniture containers of play-doh. let me just say, play-doh is like all your childhood memories smooshed in a can. one whiff and you remember all that was great about being 5 years old. now all i need is a mr potato head and my life will be complete.

after work we headed over to justin herman plaza for a pillow fight. yes, a pillow fight. it was amazing. head count was at just under 500 people for what was the largest pillow fight i have ever seen. i was armed with nothing more then my camera and captured the mayhem as it ensued. i really think it should be a bi-annual event - and next time i'm definitely bringing a pillow (or two).

pillow fight mania was followed by a valentines dinner with some work mates and a gift exchange that included a season of friends, a pocket vibe, the perfect man, a dental dam and a ninja clock (with swinging ninjitsu action!). i'll just leave it at that.

okay - enough about me...back to things we all should own.

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