one of my more awesome gifts for christmas was a fish tank decorated to look like an office cubicle - so much better then a pirate themed tank if you ask me. after a few months i finally wound up in a pet store that sold fish and purchased boris - a generic goldfish with a tiny black moustache.

unfortunately boris didn't last even 24 hours under my supervision. the reasons for his passing are limitless - from bad water to stress from diego attempting to smell him and subsequently repeatedly snorting water up his nose and sneezing it back out. if the stress of that alone didn't kill him, maybe diego's germs did.

needless to say, it was a sad day when i saw boris no longer dodging about his cube (could the fear of forever living in a cubicle have killed him?).

we grieved. we contemplated if boris would ever be replaced. we researched how not to kill goldfish. and this weekend, we bought a new friend.

fishie now lives with us and of course, is too big for the office cubicle tank. for a few days he lived in my glass juice pitcher, and last night he was transplanted to a generic glass fish bowl. yet, it's still not the right fit for little fishie.

so i'm on the hunt for the perfect fish tank. oliver has insisted i purchase a tank with a water filtration system, which in all cases are horrifically ugly and expensive. if it were up to me, he would live in a glass bowl of grandeur. or something fun like any of these:

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