i love seeing ordinary objects turned into jewelry. i don't know why - i just do. there's just something so fun about things being repurposed and manipulated into something a little more exciting then it orginally was. individual icons makes great jewelry from ordinary objects ranging from compasses to thermometors. and amazingly - they're all reasonably priced. here are some of my favorites:

while in san diego a couple weeks ago, i mentioned to oliver that i still want to go to lego land. i've loved lego's since i was a kid and they impress me more and more as the years progress. so of course when i heard about the little artists amazing lego art world, i fell in love. Shown at the walker art gallery back in 05, this collection of modern masterpieces in lego form is to die for. above is anselm kiefer's winged book and below is dali's lobster phone. classic.
man oh man do i want one of these for burning man.
takumi shimamura designs brilliant things and my new favorite is this wooden briefcase. it looks like the moma store is sold out...maybe ebay will hold the golden ticket to this wooden goodness.
i'm a classic junk collector - and i'm a classic magazine junkie, which essentially translates to: i collect magazines like priceless junk. poor oliver has to manuever around piles of magazines which he probably has no interest in ever reading and diego uses them as a diet supplement when he's craving high quality paper.

so in an effort to send people over the edge, i think i may need to get the
recycled magazine mirror from urban outfitters. like just about everything else they sell it's overpriced and something i could easily make myself - but how could i possibly decide which magazines get the axe for the sake of art and interior goodness? i can't - hence why urban has made it for me.
i love this shirt!
as the prep for burning man slowly begins i'm faced with what on earth i want to theme out our camp with. we have a great netted canopy we used last time in our pitiful attempt at a moroccan theme. one the one hand i'd like to expand our last idea, but at the same time it would be fun to do something a little more natural in line with the green theme of this years burn. i've been really hung up on the idea of cherry blossoms and recently came across these lit up cherry blossom branches. i wonder how i could make them myself to illuminate our camp at night.
my dad sent me this link awhile back and i for some bizarre reason i never posted it. welcome to kooki-sushi - sushi confectioners extraordinaire. these really look too cute to eat, but man would i like i try one...
since i've been living off of soup and sandwiches for dinner as of late, i think this would be a perfect addition to my home. the soup and sandwich plate would finally solve my problem of how to carry both a bowl of hot soup and a plate at once without spilling either.
if only i used cds more often, i would for sure buy these blank wood grain discs. these would look great in those cd players where you can actually see the disc spinning. they vaguely remind me of the wood grain contact paper we used to use in our house on white furniture to make it look like wood. such incredibly tacky 80's interior design.
if i ever have the opportunity to rennovate or build my own bathroom from scratch,
i would without a doubt get this tub. i think i'm in love...
i've never been one for diamonds. and not because i want to be anti-what women like, but i really don't like them. i do on the other hand love pearls. oliver got me a beautiful ring last christmas which i wear pretty much all the time, but sometimes i yearn for something different. i like being able to switch things up a bit. so i think at some point i may have to spoil myself with this - a steel wrapped pearl. ooh la la...
sorry for the lack of posting - i was out of town for the last few days visiting oliver and my family in southern california. oliver was great and took me everywhere my heart desired, including one of my favorite places in the world - the san diego wild animal park. for those of you who live in southern california i highly suggest you make the trip out to escondido to see the newborn elephant and the new journey into africa exhibit. the old monorail has been replaced with a smaller tram that takes you closer to the animals then ever before as they roam through open terrain. i seriously couldn't have been happier.

while we were up in LA we stopped to see the mark ryden exhibit - but alas, they were closed. why a gallery would be closed on the weekend is beyond me, but they were. nonetheless, the window display alone was worth the trek - so i definitely suggest checking out the whole exhibit on a day they're actually open.

aside from that, orange county was it's usual self. i don't plan on going back any time soon, but i may be tempted just to see the chuck close exhibit in newport beach...ahhh, chuck close.
hooray! talk about a great way to start a long weekend - i'm going to manu chao! i'm bursting at the seams with excitement...if only it were tomorrow instead of two months away.
while on the topic of sculptors, i may as well toss ron mueck up here too. i'm sure many of you have seen his work already, and if not, you have been missing out. his larger then life sculptures are amazing - i can't wait for an opportunity to see them in person. i couldn't find a site for him directly - but for the biggest view of his works - search for him on flickr, or just click here.
how people can sculpt things out of anything aside from play-doh is beyond me. i took ceramics in highschool and could barely make a cup that stood upright. so needless to say - i'm fascinated with sculptures...my personal favorite is rodin, but scott radke is a close second. his works are to die for. and yes, that's a sculpture, not a painting.
today is the last day of threadless' $10 sale. they seriously have the greatest tee's - they just don't fit so great on my body. i'm hoping their new supplier will be better - but if they fit you - then check them out. this one is hands down my favorite right now...right up there with the hot dog thinking about ketchup...
i {heart} him.

yesterday was amazing.

it was like summer in march.

i had johnny rockets - i walked across the bridge - i had dinner with great friends.

it was one of those days that despite being so far from oliver and my family, i couldn't have been happier with my decision to move back up here.

i remembered why i pay so much for rent - overlooking the park on a hot sunny day with the windows wide open and ceiling fans whirling is lovely.

i love it here. i really couldn't imagine a better place to live...

i've been known to have a fierce determination to get the things i want in life. many attribute it to being ambitious, driven, and all those other traits of successful people. i attribute it to having a mind similar to that of a dog.

yes, a dog.

when i decide i want something, i want it. i think about it constantly. i dream about it. i talk about it incessantly till everyone knows what i want. i've been told i get a crazed look in my eye, and more then anything else, i'm annoying.

just like my dog and any other dog i've met for that matter. they see the perfect red ball, the exotic house fly, the food on your plate - and they want nothing but that. you can try to distract them with everything under the sun, but that crazed look in their eyes is a sure sign that they will not relent till they know their efforts are futile.

i feel the same way.

the things i want are like shiny red balls screaming for my attention. some people say i obsess. i call it a commitment to my desires. i am wholeheartedly committed to what i want. and really, why shouldn't i be? there's nothing wrong with being focused - the rest is all just nonsense anyways.
while browsing through tokyo bunnie's site today, i came to find out that mark ryden is having a solo show down in LA for the next month. the opening is this saturday at the michael kohn gallery - you should definitely check it out. i know i will when i'm down there next week.
i must be in the mood for giving today. my dad notoriously says he wants nothing for every given occasion in which he can receive a gift. it's gotten to the point that we buy things from places where they can't be returned after years of him returning everything we bought. so what better gift then nothing? a total waste of money, yet so extremely awesome...i want one.
if oliver wore rings i would undoubtedly get him this in titanium with a matte finish. the pulse ring by c. roule design.
i love these living stones...i think i would actually prefer these to a couch. see more examples here.
i love this idea. dating a smoker inherently means worrying about ashtrays. i had purchased a nice cotton ball container with a lid that oliver used for awhile as an ashtray. that of course got stolen off our stoop - so i've been looking for something new. while i wouldn't put this on my stoop, i would definitely get it if i had a nice deck to sit out on. check it out here.
i recently bought some new plants for around the house and now feel the urge to surround myself with green things. these little egglings have been around for awhile and i think i may get a few for my apartment. has anyone gotten these yet? i'm wondering how long they live for...or if they actually live long enough to be transplanted to a larger container.
i openly admit to not being a fan of wallpaper, and blame it on my whole summer spent removing wallpaper from my the house my parents bought while i was in high school. literally, a whole summer removing the most horrific patterns i have ever seen throughout an abnormally large house.

nonetheless, every so often i come across some wallpaper that i actually would love to have on a small accent wall, and
jocelyn warner's leaf metallic is no exception. her collections are lovely - but this one captured my heart. ah, how i long for a house of my own...
i started a new blog to track my progress as i train for the nike women's marathon. this is undoubtedly a pretty big deal in my simple life, so i decided to keep a log of my experiences. feel free to drop in and see how i'm doing as i probably won't be blogging about it here...see natalie run.
as some of you know, i'm saving to make it out to the burn this year. this years theme is the green man which is absolutely awesome if you ask me. i'm already devising cool things to make with solar panels...the options are endless (yes, i am that big of a nerd).

i'm really looking forward to being back out on the playa with so many amazing people and such spectacular art. my company has already given me the time off of work (i love s.f.) and now all i have to do is save up for a ticket and all the other stuff i need to live in the desert for a week.

if anyone else is thinking of going this year let me know - i'd love to get a big camp going with other people.
finally fishie is in his new home. unfortunately he is an absolute slob, so there was no way i could get him a fancy house that didn't include a heavy duty water filter. instead he now has 5 gallons of fun to swim about it in with a water filter, oxygen stick and his cubicle furniture from his tiny tank from before. needless to say, he's one happy fish. (don't mind the look on his face - he was posing and the action was 'act like you've just seen a shark')
i miss the desert.
in a momentary lapse of judgement i decided to sign up for a marathon. yes, you read right, a marathon. as if simultaneously walking and breathing wasn't difficult enough, i've decided to pick up the pace. this isn't like picking up the pace to catch the bus that you really don't want to miss. this is more the picking up the pace for 13 freakin miles to see how far you can push yourself before you die.

13 miles.

i literally cannot run one mile. not even close. my whole body revolts against me within minutes of jogging as though i've just fed myself radioactive poison and tossed myself into the spin cycle of the dryer to really shake it through good.

needless to say, i'm already questioning my decision to do this. but i've already paid, and once money is out of my pocket i'll be damned if i don't get anything in return. (hence why i never gamble more then the nickel slots)

so if any of you feel like flying to san francisco in october to heckle me as i attempt to keep up with the person in a wheelchair, feel free. after all, i love the sound of your laughter.
welcome to the end. of the page that is.

say hello.

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