in a momentary lapse of judgement i decided to sign up for a marathon. yes, you read right, a marathon. as if simultaneously walking and breathing wasn't difficult enough, i've decided to pick up the pace. this isn't like picking up the pace to catch the bus that you really don't want to miss. this is more the picking up the pace for 13 freakin miles to see how far you can push yourself before you die.

13 miles.

i literally cannot run one mile. not even close. my whole body revolts against me within minutes of jogging as though i've just fed myself radioactive poison and tossed myself into the spin cycle of the dryer to really shake it through good.

needless to say, i'm already questioning my decision to do this. but i've already paid, and once money is out of my pocket i'll be damned if i don't get anything in return. (hence why i never gamble more then the nickel slots)

so if any of you feel like flying to san francisco in october to heckle me as i attempt to keep up with the person in a wheelchair, feel free. after all, i love the sound of your laughter.

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