i've been known to have a fierce determination to get the things i want in life. many attribute it to being ambitious, driven, and all those other traits of successful people. i attribute it to having a mind similar to that of a dog.

yes, a dog.

when i decide i want something, i want it. i think about it constantly. i dream about it. i talk about it incessantly till everyone knows what i want. i've been told i get a crazed look in my eye, and more then anything else, i'm annoying.

just like my dog and any other dog i've met for that matter. they see the perfect red ball, the exotic house fly, the food on your plate - and they want nothing but that. you can try to distract them with everything under the sun, but that crazed look in their eyes is a sure sign that they will not relent till they know their efforts are futile.

i feel the same way.

the things i want are like shiny red balls screaming for my attention. some people say i obsess. i call it a commitment to my desires. i am wholeheartedly committed to what i want. and really, why shouldn't i be? there's nothing wrong with being focused - the rest is all just nonsense anyways.

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