sorry for the lack of posting - i was out of town for the last few days visiting oliver and my family in southern california. oliver was great and took me everywhere my heart desired, including one of my favorite places in the world - the san diego wild animal park. for those of you who live in southern california i highly suggest you make the trip out to escondido to see the newborn elephant and the new journey into africa exhibit. the old monorail has been replaced with a smaller tram that takes you closer to the animals then ever before as they roam through open terrain. i seriously couldn't have been happier.

while we were up in LA we stopped to see the mark ryden exhibit - but alas, they were closed. why a gallery would be closed on the weekend is beyond me, but they were. nonetheless, the window display alone was worth the trek - so i definitely suggest checking out the whole exhibit on a day they're actually open.

aside from that, orange county was it's usual self. i don't plan on going back any time soon, but i may be tempted just to see the chuck close exhibit in newport beach...ahhh, chuck close.

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