such a busy weekend.

friday night i went out with some gals from work for dinner and cocktails in the castro. i absolutely adore that part of town. so many great shops, restaurants and stud bars. gotta love it.
afterwards i met up with another co-worker and his friend for an awesome show by the kaiser chiefs at the warfield. if you're a fan and you've never seen them, i suggest you do. very mod meets the ramones, but entertaining nonetheless.

saturday was quiet - had dinner and drinks with vanessa, but we saved our energy for our long hike up to sutro tower on sunday. for some bizarre reason we thought it would be a good idea to trek up the hills to the peak. needless to say, about half way up we were dying. amazingly we made it all the way and were wrapped in the breeze and a blanket of fog. natures air conditioning is seriously the best out there.

afterwards we walked back down towards the castro, caught the trolley and headed out to the belly of the tourist beast - fisherman's wharf. we chowed down on some in-n-out and ventured over to petco for goodies for our furry friends. instead of treats and food for my little guys, i wound up buying another little chinchilla.

please welcome vincent black shadow - the newest addition to our family:
he is an absolute love and i couldn't be happier.

he and diego have already become friends as they rub their little black noses together. hunter is still a little grumpy that he has to live with another chinchilla, but i'm sure he will adjust soon enough.

after all the excitement of getting a new pet, i wrapped up the weekend back at the warfield for an amazing performance by gotan project. i am gluttonous for them and their show was absolutely phenomenal.

all in all it was a great weekend and i'm no longer horribly bitter that i wasn't at coachella. although i still hate all of you who were...
i always wondered when i started blogging whether or not anyone would read what i write. i really use this as a space to house my favorite findings - kind of like bookmarks so i don't lose my spot when wandering through the web.

lucky for me, i've got eyes from all over the world checking out the random things i find throughout the weeks and reading the stories about my life up here in san francisco.

thanks to all of you for always checking back. and if you ever happened to wonder where your fellow readers are from, click on the image above. and that's just from the last couple days!

want to send recommendations of cool stuff from your city, state or country? feel free to email them to me at seenatalieblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

thanks again everyone - you all kick ass.
well, the quest for a new apartment has begun. while i will miss living right on golden gate park, i am so looking forward to getting out of the upper haight. i'm really hoping to find a nice place in the duboce triangle area, but rent has increased significantly since when i first moved up here last year.

i'll be checking out a place this afternoon on the actual street i've been hoping to live on - it's the same price as the place i'm in now, but i'm concerned it may be smaller. it does have what seems to be a fantastic kitchen with checkerboard floors and white cabinets, lots of light, and is a half block from the dog park.

yes, i am aware that i do not have a dog, but i find it perfectly acceptable to live vicariously through those who do. why not start the day with a smile as a little wiener dog is flying through the air in elation along a grassy knoll? i think that would be superb.

as i've been searching online, it's become apparent that i will probably have to downsize a bit. i generally take serious issue with having to part with any of my personal belongings, but this time i feel different about the matter. i actually look forward to getting rid of the past and starting new. i've started to feel like i live a life of excess and have really been feeling the urge to simplify.

i know, crazy.

i'll keep everyone posted on how the hunt goes - wish me luck!
i'm thinking of getting a new camera lens before i head off for puerto vallarta. as much as i love my wide angle, it would be nice to have something with some zoom functionality. i'm not necessarily far from my objects most the time, but a different effect and the option would be nice.

i'm thinking of getting the canon ef 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III lens. the name sounds fancy, but the lens, well, isn't. but it does seem to work pretty well based on the shots i've seen on flickr and is incredibly affordable.

maybe this will finally force me to get a tripod too.

oh, and underwater casing - have any of you used one for your small digital camera? i have a small canon that i want to take in the water with me but i'm still nervous as to whether or not underwater casings really work. any feedback would be great.

oh, and macro lenses. want one of those too - any suggestions?

i had seen this months and months ago and forgot where. finally after an exhaustive search i've found it again. (thanks notcot!)

this is hands down one of the coolest wine holders i've ever seen. i'm not one who has more bottles of wine then i could drink in a night, so a single wine holder works fine for me.
too cute.

unazukins - are little dolls that help you make decisions by responding to your questions. well, they don't actually talk, but they nod yes or no in response to what you ask.

according to their site, they are said to be wise little fairies that live under big mushrooms in the woods. i always assumed only gnomes live there, but alas, unazukins do too...

i stumbled upon modamuse today and fell in love. (yes, i fall in love with everything. inanimate objects are entirely lovable.)

they have a collection of accessories and gifts from designers in australia and new zealand. somehow, these to regions manage to pump out more jewelry that i want then any where else in the world.

here's a sampling of a few of my favorites:

this is precisely why i avoid west elm. these branch embossed dessert plates and dessert platter are lovely. i wish there was a west elm store near by. actually, i take that back. if there were one, i would be broke.
these floating wall shelves are on sale at west elm. i love their organic curvature - such a relief from the usual rectangular wooden shelves. i've been wanting them for awhile now - so tempting. if only i knew where to hang them.
puerto vallarta here i come!

okay, not for another month,
but my mum and i are going for my birthday at the end of may.

i seriously cannot wait.

my brother and his drumline group kick ass.
congrats on winning 1st place mission!

hooray for russian doll coin purses by courtney over at tokyo bunnie! buy the pair at fred flare.

and the newest additions to the collection
by scary girl and unipo.
this last weekend oliver came up for his birthday. despite raining all day on saturday, his actual birthday was showered with sunshine as we headed out to celebrate earth day in golden gate park. aside from bubble blowing and sun bathing, we also got to the listen to a free show by martin sexton and chow down on festival food. just another reason we love this town...

i'm one of those people with way too much stuff on their desk at work. not like cheesy pictures of me and all my friends - more like toys i've collected from kid robot etc. so naturally, i would think
desktop dodge ball is a brilliant idea. i already have names for half the people on the team...
the true nerd in me shines through - i want this door mat sooo badly. i wonder if you can get it customized with your own ip. i want one for my cube @ work too.
i've noticed these new spice racks are all the rage everywhere, but they're damn expensive. a sheet of metal and some canisters with magnets on the back should not cost upwards of $30 under any circumstance.

if you're looking to have a spice rack like this in your house, i suggest you buy the magnetized canisters from ikea and a metal sheet from your local hardware store. ikea has the metal strips - but a sheet is ideal if you have a lot of spices.

don't want to screw anything onto your kitchen wall? the magnetized canisters stick to fridges as well (this does not work on stainless steel).


as i continue to dream about my dream house...

i would love to have something like
this in my kids bathroom.
(right click - save target as - listen)
(courtesy dooce)
feeling uninspired as of late. maybe it's from being sick. missing my mom. all the disturbing human nature on the news. or just wishing oliver was here. regardless what it is, i'm not digging it.

on the plus side oliver will be up here for his birthday this weekend. oh, and i got the tape measure timer from anthro for get this - 7 bucks. that's right, seven dollars.

(did you know there's a top model competition on tv in over 100 countries? as in, america's next top model, but for their respective nation?)

gah. see - uninspired.

maybe it's not being uninspired, but distracted.

i need to move. i desperately want to travel. DESPERATELY. at the top of the list, kenya, cuba and thailand. and jamaica. and india. acapulco? i'll even take the grand canyon. (like how traveling takes precedent over moving, which i need to do if i intend on saving to travel?)

oh. and i want a shag carpet for my bedroom.

maybe all i really need is the dunk mug for milk and cookies. one please.

dunk mug

my mum's latest work in progress - anna.

oliver consistently reminds me that i don't have a timer in my kitchen. i personally don't see why anyone uses them - just pay attention to the clock. but this could also explain why i notoriously burn everything. so i decided to check out and found some cuties. my personal favorites are the tape measure timer and the mushroom timer. too cute!

after dating oliver for three years, i've started to appreciate modern amenities a little bit more. not a ton, but well, i could deal with a more modern home if and when we ever live together. i'd love to have this vanity sink in a guest bathroom one day...i absolutely love the wenge wood they used and would be a great compliment to both mine and oliver's style. albeit, i would fore go the weird lights atop the mirror.

because i just can't get enough anthropologie in my house. how adorable are these measuring spoons? and the matching measuring cups!

i periodically search etsy for great jewelry which i inevitably never end up buying, but maybe this one time i will. check out these amazing glass necklaces by tracy antonik. i love all the pieces with the trees and birds - so stunning.

while reading through the
free people blog today i came across a post about the inspiration for their april catalog. listed was a book by peter beard - a brilliant photographer. i had the pleasure of meeting peter quite some years ago while in seattle - if you've never checked out his work i highly suggest you do so. the book they listed is zara's tales - a memoir of his adventures in africa dedicated to his daughter. his other books are similar in themes (i've only seen his works on africa, which may be all he does) - and they are all absolutely stunning. definitely check him out if you get a chance.

when you get sick, you suddenly realize things you are missing in life. i know, it's supposed to make you appreciate what you have, but sometimes, it makes you feel like you should spend all your money before you die.

my discovery: i have amazing couches to lay on while i'm sick that i've laid on when i was sick since i was a teenager. my additional discovery: laying on a couch when you are sick sucks if you don't have a tv.

solution: buy a tv.

while i would have loved to purchase the hannspree hannsfries tv you see above with matching ketchup packet remote, i opted instead for a sleek 32" LCD. let me point out that this is over double the size of the tv i have had in my bedroom for the last 6 or 7 years. i feel like spongebob has become life size and at any moment i could have a freshly made
krabby patty. it's so big i can watch it from the kitchen, and if i had x-ray vision, i could easily read the tv guide page from my bed.

speaking of tv, the series premier of little people big world will be on soon, so i should be going. and yes, i really do watch that show.
gah. sickness.

it's been a rough week to say the least. i've been out of the office since wednesday and have no idea what's the matter. dr visits are inconclusive. it could be this bad thing or that bad thing. maybe it's this one really bad thing, but that's unlikely. but maybe.

so tomorrow is day one of testing. i have to give up my beloved blood whom i try my hardest to never depart with. NEVER. then it's off for a 5 hour blood sugar test, which the doctor thinks is questionable in it's results, yet decided to make me endure anyways.

but on the bright side of it all, my mom and oliver are here taking care of me. gotta love being loved. they came with me to the doctors, they picked me up when i slid on a manhole cover and landed smack dab on my tail bone. they listened as i moaned and complained and sat with me as i hyperventilated over being sick. it's been lovely.

i'm not sure when i'll be back to a regular routine. i'm hoping by tuesday, but my body needs some checking up on, so that may postpone any exciting work action. who would have thought i would ever miss work? perhaps another symptom of my illness. perhaps the worst of them all...
peeps for passover

plague 1: river to blood

plague 2: frogs

plague 3: lice

plague 4: flies

plague 5: disease in livestock

plague 6: boils

plague 7: hail of fire

plague 8: locusts

plague 9: darkness

plague 10: death of firstborn
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