ah, tuesday.

much to blog about - not sure where to start.

last week oliver drove up with our first little kitty monet. well, she's not really all that little any more - she's actually built like a small tank and i'm pretty sure she could kill me in my sleep if she really wanted to. but i still love her.

monet was forced to live in the presence of her over-bearing and tortuous mother (myself) and her incredibly annoying 'i want to love you all the time' distant brother, diego. and if our suffocating tendencies weren't enough, she also had to endure endless hours of a goldfish and a chinchilla taunting her knowing damned well that there was absolutely nothing she could do to satisfy her hunting desires. in essence, she was in a miniature version of hell.

she seemed to fair well and hid in the closet, on top of the tv, or in any corner diego couldn't reach her. she ate good food. was combed daily. essentially lived the pampered life that we so love...she just didn't quite love us.
to close off our week of smothering, oliver and i woke up bright and early on saturday to join some work folk for a day of volunteering at habitat for humanity. despite being retardedly sore from the experience, it was amazing. most the house was already built, so i worked on priming the interior and packing dirt on the exterior while oliver toiled away putting siding on the house. i definitely want to do it again - if any of you are interested let me know and i'll sign a group of us up for an upcoming weekend. here's some pics courtesy of my stellar co-worker who organized the event:

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JESSICA said...

i love that picture of monet and d... poor little girl. ;)

ps. habitat for humanity -- awesome, you guys.

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