feeling uninspired as of late. maybe it's from being sick. missing my mom. all the disturbing human nature on the news. or just wishing oliver was here. regardless what it is, i'm not digging it.

on the plus side oliver will be up here for his birthday this weekend. oh, and i got the tape measure timer from anthro for get this - 7 bucks. that's right, seven dollars.

(did you know there's a top model competition on tv in over 100 countries? as in, america's next top model, but for their respective nation?)

gah. see - uninspired.

maybe it's not being uninspired, but distracted.

i need to move. i desperately want to travel. DESPERATELY. at the top of the list, kenya, cuba and thailand. and jamaica. and india. acapulco? i'll even take the grand canyon. (like how traveling takes precedent over moving, which i need to do if i intend on saving to travel?)

oh. and i want a shag carpet for my bedroom.

maybe all i really need is the dunk mug for milk and cookies. one please.

dunk mug

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