gah. sickness.

it's been a rough week to say the least. i've been out of the office since wednesday and have no idea what's the matter. dr visits are inconclusive. it could be this bad thing or that bad thing. maybe it's this one really bad thing, but that's unlikely. but maybe.

so tomorrow is day one of testing. i have to give up my beloved blood whom i try my hardest to never depart with. NEVER. then it's off for a 5 hour blood sugar test, which the doctor thinks is questionable in it's results, yet decided to make me endure anyways.

but on the bright side of it all, my mom and oliver are here taking care of me. gotta love being loved. they came with me to the doctors, they picked me up when i slid on a manhole cover and landed smack dab on my tail bone. they listened as i moaned and complained and sat with me as i hyperventilated over being sick. it's been lovely.

i'm not sure when i'll be back to a regular routine. i'm hoping by tuesday, but my body needs some checking up on, so that may postpone any exciting work action. who would have thought i would ever miss work? perhaps another symptom of my illness. perhaps the worst of them all...

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TokyoBunnie said...

oh no! feel better soon!

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