i'm thinking of getting a new camera lens before i head off for puerto vallarta. as much as i love my wide angle, it would be nice to have something with some zoom functionality. i'm not necessarily far from my objects most the time, but a different effect and the option would be nice.

i'm thinking of getting the canon ef 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III lens. the name sounds fancy, but the lens, well, isn't. but it does seem to work pretty well based on the shots i've seen on flickr and is incredibly affordable.

maybe this will finally force me to get a tripod too.

oh, and underwater casing - have any of you used one for your small digital camera? i have a small canon that i want to take in the water with me but i'm still nervous as to whether or not underwater casings really work. any feedback would be great.

oh, and macro lenses. want one of those too - any suggestions?


AjBesta said...

...very nice photos...

... I also have some of that doubts...

Saudações de Portugal...

KJ & The Dreamy Giraffe said...

I don't know if the underwater cases work or not, as I don't spend much time underwater or take lots and lots of pictures, either, come to thnk of it...BUT it sure does look way cool, doesn't it?

The bad news is, I'm going broke just looking at your blog. It's like this little virtual room where all the coolest things came to live. Those embossed dessert plates where the leaves look like little butterflies? And the desktop dodgeball game? And the floating shelves.

If you don't mind a total stranger saying so: You've got some seriously good taste!


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