such a busy weekend.

friday night i went out with some gals from work for dinner and cocktails in the castro. i absolutely adore that part of town. so many great shops, restaurants and stud bars. gotta love it.
afterwards i met up with another co-worker and his friend for an awesome show by the kaiser chiefs at the warfield. if you're a fan and you've never seen them, i suggest you do. very mod meets the ramones, but entertaining nonetheless.

saturday was quiet - had dinner and drinks with vanessa, but we saved our energy for our long hike up to sutro tower on sunday. for some bizarre reason we thought it would be a good idea to trek up the hills to the peak. needless to say, about half way up we were dying. amazingly we made it all the way and were wrapped in the breeze and a blanket of fog. natures air conditioning is seriously the best out there.

afterwards we walked back down towards the castro, caught the trolley and headed out to the belly of the tourist beast - fisherman's wharf. we chowed down on some in-n-out and ventured over to petco for goodies for our furry friends. instead of treats and food for my little guys, i wound up buying another little chinchilla.

please welcome vincent black shadow - the newest addition to our family:
he is an absolute love and i couldn't be happier.

he and diego have already become friends as they rub their little black noses together. hunter is still a little grumpy that he has to live with another chinchilla, but i'm sure he will adjust soon enough.

after all the excitement of getting a new pet, i wrapped up the weekend back at the warfield for an amazing performance by gotan project. i am gluttonous for them and their show was absolutely phenomenal.

all in all it was a great weekend and i'm no longer horribly bitter that i wasn't at coachella. although i still hate all of you who were...

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