well, the quest for a new apartment has begun. while i will miss living right on golden gate park, i am so looking forward to getting out of the upper haight. i'm really hoping to find a nice place in the duboce triangle area, but rent has increased significantly since when i first moved up here last year.

i'll be checking out a place this afternoon on the actual street i've been hoping to live on - it's the same price as the place i'm in now, but i'm concerned it may be smaller. it does have what seems to be a fantastic kitchen with checkerboard floors and white cabinets, lots of light, and is a half block from the dog park.

yes, i am aware that i do not have a dog, but i find it perfectly acceptable to live vicariously through those who do. why not start the day with a smile as a little wiener dog is flying through the air in elation along a grassy knoll? i think that would be superb.

as i've been searching online, it's become apparent that i will probably have to downsize a bit. i generally take serious issue with having to part with any of my personal belongings, but this time i feel different about the matter. i actually look forward to getting rid of the past and starting new. i've started to feel like i live a life of excess and have really been feeling the urge to simplify.

i know, crazy.

i'll keep everyone posted on how the hunt goes - wish me luck!


info@depot said...

hi there,

nice blog, and have a nice day


LauraB said...

just found your blog via happy cavalier. i love it! just wanted to wish you luck on house hunting, didn't see any updates, so wanted to see how it's going. i am soon to relocate too and can feel your pain!

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