when you get sick, you suddenly realize things you are missing in life. i know, it's supposed to make you appreciate what you have, but sometimes, it makes you feel like you should spend all your money before you die.

my discovery: i have amazing couches to lay on while i'm sick that i've laid on when i was sick since i was a teenager. my additional discovery: laying on a couch when you are sick sucks if you don't have a tv.

solution: buy a tv.

while i would have loved to purchase the hannspree hannsfries tv you see above with matching ketchup packet remote, i opted instead for a sleek 32" LCD. let me point out that this is over double the size of the tv i have had in my bedroom for the last 6 or 7 years. i feel like spongebob has become life size and at any moment i could have a freshly made
krabby patty. it's so big i can watch it from the kitchen, and if i had x-ray vision, i could easily read the tv guide page from my bed.

speaking of tv, the series premier of little people big world will be on soon, so i should be going. and yes, i really do watch that show.

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