back in the city and oh so happy to be home. i missed all my little critters - especially my love monger diego.

puerto vallarta was amazing. my mum and i stayed in an area called nuevo vallarta which is relatively new with beautiful beaches and some of the friendliest people i have ever met.

our first day there we went kayaking which was funnier then i ever could have imagined. karma bit me in the ass for laughing at my mom for getting flipped over by a wave - once we were out at sea a startling yet small fish some how managed to jump right into my kayak. those of you who know me know, i don't do well with fish flopping around me. i like to swim with the
m in their turf, but i don't like them floundering around in mine.

so of course, i can't bring myself to pick him up nor can i bring myself to kill him. so i'm frantically trying to fill my kayak with water so he doesn't die while simultaneously trying to save him with my oar. i was failing miserably. the fish continued to flop around in my kayak no where near the water i was putting in it, but rather closer and closer to me as i was moving further and further out of my sinking ship. lucky for me a local came up in his kayak and plucked the
little guy right out of mine. but unfortunately for the little fish, the guy opted to keep him, for what i think may have been his lunch.

as i said, i prefer to be in the turf of marine animals versus them in mine, so the following day my mum and i went swimming with sea lions. they were awesome. gorda and marina were the two lovely lions we got to play with who subsequently showered us with fishy kisses. i definitely would love to go back and dive with them off the shore of caletas one day...

downtown puerto vallarta was a bit of a tourist trap. best compared to the fisherman's wharf here in s.f., just unbearably hot and humid. they did however have some sculptures along their boardwalk that i thought were stunning. some better shopping was in bucerias, where was also met a badger. yep, you read right - a badger. i wanted to take her home she was so adorable in a badger kind of way...on our last day my mum and i hired a cab driver to be our tour guide and drive us deep into the sierra madres to see the old town of san sebastian. it was breathtaking. i had the best fajitas of my life (because food is a total deal breaker in how much i like a place). antonio, our cab driver, was awesome and did his best to slow down the car so i could attempt to get some shots of the landscape on the way up.
all in all the trip was great. i came back refreshed, relaxed and slightly tanned. i would definitely suggest puerto vallarta to anyone who's interested in going. i'm still uploading all the photos, but i'll post them here soon.


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