i'm constantly finding new blogs to read and add them to the growing list right over there to the right of this post. but i know a lot of you don't really have the time to click through all the people i have over there to find what you like, or even to discern who is new. minus my few stalkers (you know who are).

so i'll be doing a bit of a blog-roll from now on - you may already know of some, but well, i didn't and i'm excited i've found them. enjoy.

hoping for happy accidents.
coming to us from brooklyn, ny - kelly just eloped in canada and has some great taste if you ask me. we listen to the same music and like the same art. it was destiny that i found her blog. destiny i tell you...

spray glue.
gary is in south africa - one of the many places i'm dying to visit. we both like ugly dolls and good design - how could you go wrong? you couldn't.

happy cavalier.
i of course love anything with my old moniker cavalier in it (oh, i'm so cavalier - i miss you)...karen is in seattle and has cute dogs. the fastest way into my heart is with a cute dog (hint, hint oliver!). no really, it's true. but that's not the only reason i like karen's blog - check out her cool design finds and super cute logo...

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karen c said...

thank you so much for the nice post about my blog!

welcome to the end. of the page that is.

say hello.

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