i've been toying with the idea of getting myself a new laptop for awhile now...as if it hasn't become apparent, there is always some new gizmo i want. on the list are a new cell phone (iphone anyone?), some new camera lenses and a new laptop. all things that are significantly over priced, unnecessary, but tremendously fun.

while i know deep down that i really just want a mac book pro, i still like to search around for all the other cool laptops that i would never consider buying. like this one:

this sleek beauty from intel measures 0.7 inches (that's tiny for you non-measurement type folks) and even comes with a leather strap for people like me who can't seem to bring themselves to carry anything the way it should be carried, like in a laptop case.

i love the selection of colors (and yes, i do believe that design sometimes supersedes function) and i'm sure it will be packed full of fun little features all of which will jack up the price, just like getting air conditioning in a car.

via popgadget

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