so much to catch up on in so little time! i'm heading off to puerto vallarta this week - so no new posts till next wednesday...but a little update while i have a moment.

this weekend oliver drove up for some early birthday celebrations. we headed out with a group of friends to andalu, my favorite restaurant in the city, where i was lucky enough to get showered with some AMAZING gifts and eat some terrific food.

so what did i get? only the coolest stuff ever (at least in my book...)

a camille rose garcia doll

an unazukin!

a kickass necklace i've been eyeing

and the gift of shopping (one of the greatest gifts you can give a girl)...

thank you ladies for an amazing party - i had a blast!!!

i'll upload photos from the bay to breakers debauchery hopefully later tonight or sometime next week.



michelle said...

That little face! (in the middle photo) how sweet! Happy birthday!

michelle said...

Oh, I found your blog via Happy Cavalier, I love it!

TokyoBunnie said...

eee an unazukin! and a camille rose garcia doll! and a gorgeous necklace! happy belated birthday, missy!!

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