some of you have asked where little vincents name came from...vincent black shadow was a hand built motorcycle from the late 40's early 50's. they were entirely black and fiercely fast for their time, albeit also fiercely unsafe.

the vincent black shadow was a favorite of hunter s. thompson, mentioned in numerous of his writings - most notably in fear and loathing in las vegas. as many of you know, hunter s. thompson is hands down my favorite author of all time and the single reason i decided to stay/stray on the path i am on now.

my first chinchilla joined the family just a few days after hunter s. thompson passed, so he was named hunter s. in fond memory. he's a hell of a little guy and absolutely neurotic in the most lovable of ways.

for years i had wanted to get a small black dog and name him vincent black shadow, but upon meeting vincent, i knew he was the one to take the name. and let me tell you, that little devil is fast...

here's a little excerpt from the book for reference
"Well," he said, "as your attorney I advise you to buy a motorcycle. How else can you cover a thing like this righteously?"

"No way," I said. "Where can we get hold of a Vincent Black Shadow?"

"Whats that?"

"A fantastic bike," I said. "The new model is something like two thousand cubic inches, developing two hundred brake-horsepower at four thousand revolutions per minute on a magnesium frame with two styrofoam seats and a total curb weight of exactly two hundred pounds."

"That sounds about right for this gig," he said.

"It is," I assured him. "The fucker's not much for turning, but it's pure hell on the straightaway. It'll outrun the F-111 until takeoff."

"Takeoff?" he said. "Can we handle that much torque?"

"Absolutely," I said. "I'll call New York for some cash."

(hunter s. thompson, fear and loathing in las vegas: a savage journey to the heart of the american dream)

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