my mum is working on a new painting and tracking her entire work in progress on her blog - seeing as i can't paint to save my life, i'm always stunned at what she can do with 30 some odd brushes and a collection of oil paints like nothing you've ever seen. check out her work in progress here.
i've been getting some emails and comments about people wanting to subscribe to altruism in the morning...i just added some subscribing options in the left column - hope this helps!

63 days till burning man...actually, 58 days till i'm smack dab in the middle of black rock city. i cannot wait. even though i was on vacation just a month ago, i'm already ready for another adventure.

i still need to start working on our costumes for the evenings and still need to make oliver some pants, but i should be good on time. anyone have a pattern suggestion for mens linen pants?

in other news...

i'll be participating in a mini-book swap put on by hoping for happy accidents - i can't wait! i'll be making three little books to send of to some unknown person. i haven't put together a book/zine/publication since i was in college, so i'm super excited to try it again. i'm thinking one illustrated, one montage and the last one i'm stumped on...i'll be sure to post them here once they are done.

i'll also be making some new felt toys - so keep an eye out for those - depending on how they come out i'll potentially put them up on etsy for your owning pleasure...

hope you all have a great weekend and check back soon for a much delayed blog roll...
i really miss using my holgaroid...i just can't seem to find the polaroid film i need here in the city. maybe i'll do the unthinkable and just buy a regular old polaroid camera. maybe it will give me some much needed inspiration to make new things. i've been dreadfully preoccupied with my health, my work, my living situation and my perpetual desire to be somewhere precisely opposite of where i's all been so draining i haven't been able to muster up the energy to start anything new despite a plethora of ideas.

maybe an instant memory that i can hold in my hands instead of a machine will help me...maybe.
oh to have some reprieve from this mind of mine.
this is what i would look like if i were in the simpsons...awesome. make your own avatar here.
feel like telling someone else what to do for a day? check out trevor the new mentos intern. available 5 days a week from 9-5 to humor you with your personal him as goes through the day at the mentos headquarters. pretty funny if you ask me...
renewable energy is an amazing thing. so why not flaunt it on your clothes? i am so in love with these shirts from reware made from organic cotton. too cute.

while the cost of this bag is more then i am willing to spend (a whopping $250) the concept is pretty cool. actually it's really cool and amazingly practical - the solar beach tote chargers your phone, ipod, etc while you're out and about in the sunshine. so awesome...
i am so in love with this necklace by erica weiner...i had seen her stuff some time ago and recently saw on notcot that she had a site update - i absolutely love her jewelry...
there's nothing like living in san francisco. a beautiful city with limitless things to do and places to see. there's always something happening here.

like tonight... while i'm flipping through the newest issue of real simple i hear the usual swarm of fire engine sirens which were soon to be passing my house since i live on the corner of a major intersection. but instead of passing, they literally swarmed my corner - a fire truck, an ambulance and one of those spiffy red police trucks.

naturally i looked outside to see what all the commotion was when i saw right under my window a guy knocked out cold on the ground in a puddle of something which i rather not identify. just then the medics run up and quickly realize this guy conveniently passed out in front of my door is in a coma. that's right people, a C-O-M-A. as in unresponsive and almost lifeless.

of course a couple local bums run up to see what's happened and by the wonders of eavesdropping i learn he's a local drunkard who likes meth and apparently has been laying there for a good half hour. lovely. good thing i didn't feel like going out for ice cream a half hour ago.

so while the medics rush to grab a stretcher from the ambulance, our friend in the coma wakes up, freaks out, stumbles all of two feet and abruptly falls backwards smacking his head on the concrete. he is now in coma number two for the evening and we've just discovered his parents live around the corner and kick him out whenever he gets 'this' wasted. seriously? this is a regular occurrence for this guy?

they toss him on a stretcher and rush him into the ambulance but don't go anywhere. a few minutes pass. then a few more. then a police officer comes from behind the shiny red truck and asks the local bums if he knows which house the guy who was in a coma on the floor lived in because now he's just a dead guy in the back of an ambulance and someone needs to notify his parents.

can i move now?
i've already got my ticket for saturday - will you be there!?
yesterday i saved fishies life.

no joke.

as i walked by his little tank i saw him on the gravel looking slightly alarmed. upon closer inspection i saw the little schmuck was choking on a piece of gravel. it literally was lodged in his abnormally large fish mouth and it obviously had no intention of coming out on its own.

i quickly grabbed fishie and started tugging on the little pebble until it popped out. needless to say, fishie was fine and sucking on the gravel again within minutes. and no, he's not hungry. he had just been gorged on fish food moments before he almost swallowed his flooring...i know fish are dumb, but i think i may have the dumbest of them all.
back from an awesome weekend of camping out at bassi falls near lake tahoe. i haven't been that relaxed in a really long time...who knew the woods are so much fun?! we met some really great people, ate some amazing food (thanks bowen & paul!) and got a whole lotta sun. my shoulders would argue a little too much sun - but it was oh so worth the sunburn...


i saw this on poof you're a frog today and was cracking up. especially because i know given the opportunity, i would totally buy this. and then i would make diego hang out in it...
i've been waiting to buy a munny for some time now. i've bought them for countless friends as gifts, but i'm yet to buy one for myself. i think the time has finally come - especially now that the little guy comes with an auto! check out his blank wonderfulness here.
one year for christmas oliver got me a beautiful pearl ring that is hands down my favorite piece of jewelry. but as i've come to find out, it doesn't always go with all my other accessories. so i told him inevitably, i'll eventually need another more multi-purpose ring. i happened to come across this ring by fischer that i absolutely love - since it's multi-banded it goes with just about anything for day to day wear.
and for an even funnier read, check out overheard in new york. absolutely hilarious.
"Recently I realized that I waste my life on the internet ... and published this insight in a blog."

I took a neuropsychiatric test and realized that I don't have a mental illness after all: I have five."

"I conduct job interviews for a living and nothing gives me a better sense of wielding karma than giving the job to the nervous kid instead of the better qualified arrogant prick."

read more insightful one liners here.
omg. my dad emailed me these awesome wooden robots made by take-g toys from japan. i want them all!

because people in san francisco know how to make you laugh till it hurts...
i cannot wait for this film to finally arrive here - check out the trailer to madame tutli-putli, a stop-motion animated film that looks stunning.
today i went to cost plus to see if i could find some inspiration for burning man and walked out with not only inspiration, but half the clothes i'll need for while i'm there.

i've decided to go with a more earthy theme - more in line with african and islander style and ease. i grabbed a few sarongs with beautiful prints and a collection of wooden bangles and bracelets to match for my daytime wear.

as i continued to ponder an african theme, i remembered that a few years ago yuri's mom, yelena, brought me these beautiful beaded bracelets back from her trip to kenya. i absolutely love them and how stunningly vibrant they are. i'm thinking of replicating the style of these bracelets onto the frame of the bike i buy for burning man. while threading that many beads is sure to be a daunting process, i think the remaining effect would be rather neat and unique.
i must say, it feels nice making progress and finally having a direction - and a very simple one at that. now all i need to make are oliver's linen pants for the day and then outfits for both of us to wear at night. not too shabby if you ask me...

i just can't get enough of klaus haapaniemi.
each illustration is better then the last - phenomenal.
time for this weeks blog roll including a cool find from each new favorite place...

pan-dan - based out of italy. cool finds i haven't seen anywhere else, like this pillow/emergency escape ladder...

siagrafica is so freaking great i can't handle it. sia is from amsterdam and simply put - her blog kicks ass. check out these great images she has up by klaus haapaniemi:

i love pixel art. i can't say i would normally let it in my house - but in this instance i would. i am loving wood pixel - rotate the little cubes that are different colors on each side to make your own pixel art. so awesome.
there's nothing better then seeing great people find great success! congratulations girlie!
i at one point had a yahoo photo's account. yes, it's true. i logged in today to figure out how to get all my tiny photo's out of yahoo photo onto my desktop and into my flickr when voila - yahoo was ready to do it for me.

that's right all you under-cover yahoo users - yahoo photo is shutting down it's cyber doors on sept 20th and is giving it's users an option to import their photos into online albums on other sites. the best perk is, if you're a flickr pro user, you get an additional 3 months on your pro account for free!
i suppose i still never really let go of my dream moroccan theme for burning man. west elm has these awesome hanging lanterns on sale right now - oh so tempting...
it's always nice to see friends blogging, especially when it's my best friend jess. some of you may have visited her blog acetate showcasing some of her favorite findings - but if you want to see the really good stuff, check out her slowly growing collection of personal works on ...said the pencil to the paper.

i've known jess for nearly a decade now and aside from my own mum, she is the most talented artist i've ever met. no seriously. i'm not saying it in the "oh she's my friend and she's talented" sort of way. this is in the "why didn't i get those genes?" kind of way...

hopefully in the near future she'll start selling her vast collection of stuff because i want it and i'm sure you will too...
(courtesy jess)
there's a general sentiment that san francisco doesn't have enough public restrooms. we may not have a ton, but they do exist and most people who live here know where to find them, and also cherish the golden rule (no pun intended) to pee before you leave the house.

but sometimes nature calls and you really have no idea where to go aside from the behind a bush around the corner...lucky for you, there is now mizpee - a site that directs you to the nearest restroom when you're in need. granted, this all requires a mobile phone with internet access - but you'll get ratings on cleanliness and whether or not you have to buy something to use the ladies room...brilliant!
i'm so excited - tomorrow night lindsay and i are going to the s.f. screening of helvetica. we thought we missed out on the opportunity when the first batch of tickets sold out - but lucky for us they added a second screening at 10pm! our nerdiness knows no bounds...
i'm not a coffee drinker, but omg what i would give to have these in my house. the grass spoons are killing me - i have to have them...
oliver and i were out shopping in the castro this last weekend and came across these beautiful pet food bowls. while well over a hundred bucks, these things are to die for. you can get them here.
introducing...the friends of friends of friends blog roll:

cheese and crackers - one word: blythe. how i still don't have at least one of these is beyond me, so naturally i adore just about anyone who does...oh, and might i say she is one of the most amazing photographers out there. seriously.

miss yen dang - yen and i met once over pho and maybe danced a little one night in costa mesa years ago. maybe. she now chronicles her life in new york. we think alike - but she's funny and tells way better stories then i do...

okay, so not many of my friends, or their friends, or even their friends blog. but those two are definitely worth checking out!
i'll take one please.
i first discovered scott blake back in college when i was working on my first magazine project. utilizing the wonder of bar codes, he creates portraits, animations and more - check out his collection and make your own bar code here.
the burning man pre-compression and haight street fair are both this weekend and all i can think about is art, costumes and unique design. which somehow led me to nathan sawaya - an amazing lego artist. sculptor? builder?...either way, check out his stuff - it's awesome.

this TIME photo essay is great - what the world eats chronicles what's for dinner in 15 different homes around the world. view all the shots here.
another fathers day idea...a sweet little money clip for the few dollar bills he has left after raising you.
i love these pick your nose party cups!
(via cheese & crackers)
i'm loving this giant installation by graphic designer stefan sagmeister.
i've recently started to learn spanish thanks to the rosetta stone language apps. okay, so i haven't learned anything yet, but i'm working on it. i think these adorable flash cards would be a great way to motivate myself to keep learning - don't you think?
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