i really miss using my holgaroid...i just can't seem to find the polaroid film i need here in the city. maybe i'll do the unthinkable and just buy a regular old polaroid camera. maybe it will give me some much needed inspiration to make new things. i've been dreadfully preoccupied with my health, my work, my living situation and my perpetual desire to be somewhere precisely opposite of where i am...it's all been so draining i haven't been able to muster up the energy to start anything new despite a plethora of ideas.

maybe an instant memory that i can hold in my hands instead of a machine will help me...maybe.


e-yan said...

I am a recent reader of your blog. Reading that you are going through health, work, living situation, I just feel like leaving you an encouraging note. Hope you have strength to 'keep calm and carry on'.
I myself is going through some life issues. Hang in there. A few of these sunny (but windy) SF summer days keeps a girl's drive going.

natalie. said...

thanks so much!

bougiebomb said...

What kind do you need? I'm not sure if I can find it but maybe...
I know the feeling, I'm too busy working a way-under-my-ambitions admin job :/
I keep telling myself to spend more time making art and it's yet to happen! ARRG!

keep me posted on the film!

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