wow. has so much time already passed? burning man is just around the corner (the man burns in 91 days!). i am so unprepared. with this years theme of the green man, i'm at a bit of a loss over what to do. oliver already has a great tibetan outfit he got for bay to breakers and i'll probably make him a few more linen pieces to keep him comfortable out in the heat - but i'm clueless on what to make for myself. contrary to popular belief, everyone is not naked, me being one of those non-nude folks. so i need fun playa wear and i need to start making it fast.

then there's planning out camp. a themed camp? a practical camp? a mojito bar? and bikes - need new ones of those too. i'll definitely need to get the underwater camera case since i'm way too paranoid to take my slr into the dust storms of the playa. so much to do in less then three months!

if any of you are thinking of going this year let me know - we would love to set up camp with more people! also, next sunday the 9th is the pre-compression here in the city. a great time to meet other burners, hear great ideas and get in the spirit of the burn. so drop me a line if you're interested!

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