there's nothing like living in san francisco. a beautiful city with limitless things to do and places to see. there's always something happening here.

like tonight... while i'm flipping through the newest issue of real simple i hear the usual swarm of fire engine sirens which were soon to be passing my house since i live on the corner of a major intersection. but instead of passing, they literally swarmed my corner - a fire truck, an ambulance and one of those spiffy red police trucks.

naturally i looked outside to see what all the commotion was when i saw right under my window a guy knocked out cold on the ground in a puddle of something which i rather not identify. just then the medics run up and quickly realize this guy conveniently passed out in front of my door is in a coma. that's right people, a C-O-M-A. as in unresponsive and almost lifeless.

of course a couple local bums run up to see what's happened and by the wonders of eavesdropping i learn he's a local drunkard who likes meth and apparently has been laying there for a good half hour. lovely. good thing i didn't feel like going out for ice cream a half hour ago.

so while the medics rush to grab a stretcher from the ambulance, our friend in the coma wakes up, freaks out, stumbles all of two feet and abruptly falls backwards smacking his head on the concrete. he is now in coma number two for the evening and we've just discovered his parents live around the corner and kick him out whenever he gets 'this' wasted. seriously? this is a regular occurrence for this guy?

they toss him on a stretcher and rush him into the ambulance but don't go anywhere. a few minutes pass. then a few more. then a police officer comes from behind the shiny red truck and asks the local bums if he knows which house the guy who was in a coma on the floor lived in because now he's just a dead guy in the back of an ambulance and someone needs to notify his parents.

can i move now?

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Mama Chilanga said...

You'd be hard-pressed to find a city or town in the US where there aren't meth-addicts. Sad, sad, state.

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