today i went to cost plus to see if i could find some inspiration for burning man and walked out with not only inspiration, but half the clothes i'll need for while i'm there.

i've decided to go with a more earthy theme - more in line with african and islander style and ease. i grabbed a few sarongs with beautiful prints and a collection of wooden bangles and bracelets to match for my daytime wear.

as i continued to ponder an african theme, i remembered that a few years ago yuri's mom, yelena, brought me these beautiful beaded bracelets back from her trip to kenya. i absolutely love them and how stunningly vibrant they are. i'm thinking of replicating the style of these bracelets onto the frame of the bike i buy for burning man. while threading that many beads is sure to be a daunting process, i think the remaining effect would be rather neat and unique.
i must say, it feels nice making progress and finally having a direction - and a very simple one at that. now all i need to make are oliver's linen pants for the day and then outfits for both of us to wear at night. not too shabby if you ask me...

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