while perusing through spray glue yesterday i came across his post on the furniture site casamidy. if one site could sum up what i wish my home looked like this would be it. i love rustic hacienda type homes with lots of rich leather and wood - it makes me just want to melt into the walls or that perfect leather arm chair...

i would give a limb for a spanish villa type home - and after my visit to puerto vallarta, i'm even more lustful after it. since i am not in a city known for it's villas (although there are some with $8 million price tags) - i've decided i'll just keep traveling to mexico. next stop? san miguel de allende...

check out this awesome hotel, the oasis san miguel that was recommended by casamidy. stunning. and the little town it's in is even more amazing. a little piece of paradise in central mexico. i'm thinking this is where i will be spending thanksgiving, or so i hope.

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