yesterday i saved fishies life.

no joke.

as i walked by his little tank i saw him on the gravel looking slightly alarmed. upon closer inspection i saw the little schmuck was choking on a piece of gravel. it literally was lodged in his abnormally large fish mouth and it obviously had no intention of coming out on its own.

i quickly grabbed fishie and started tugging on the little pebble until it popped out. needless to say, fishie was fine and sucking on the gravel again within minutes. and no, he's not hungry. he had just been gorged on fish food moments before he almost swallowed his flooring...i know fish are dumb, but i think i may have the dumbest of them all.


Anonymous said...

:( poor little guy

karen c said...

so you pretty much performed the heimlich on your fish!? thats the funniest, most compassionate thing i've ever heard of...way to go!

maggienikole said...

that is a funny little story.
glad your fishy is ok.
i'm not sure that i have introduced myself before.
hi, i'm nikole. i like your blog.

welcome to the end. of the page that is.

say hello.

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