sometimes when i look around my apartment i tell myself i need to simplify. not because everyone else tells me i need to, but because there is just too much to clean up after for one person.

as i search for a new place to live, my biggest concern is closet space. why? because i need more places to hide all my stuff. then it dawned on me. what if i moved somewhere where there were no hidden spaces? then i would have to simplify.

so now i'm looking at lofts. you can't get much simpler then a giant room with a slightly smaller room just above it. these awesome artist lofts had been built in santa ana quite some years ago that were phenomenal. and also phenomenally over-priced. but they were great. exposed brick, exposed wood, cement floors. kind of like my office without the carpeting or the cubicles.

some people have said i'm crazy. actually, first they said "but what are you going to do with all your stuff". my response of course was ikea. in my mind ikea can solve any of my woes. but really, it would be a big shift from what i have now, yet somehow that seems so absolutely refreshing. i'm not sure if it's possible to find a loft in the city that's in a decent neighborhood without being downtown - but i'll try looking anyways...wish me luck.
less then a month to go!
(photo by Polly Measom)
guerilla flowering? indeed. toronto based posterchild is putting up flower boxes all over town. i am absolutely in love with this idea. i can't actually recall how many wooden posts we have in this city, but there are definitely plenty of wooden walls with ads plastered on them. any one in s.f. care to partake in some guerilla flowering warfare? i'd love to get a group of people to pitch in here and throughout the us - if you're interested drop me a line.
does anyone have any of these ecosphere's? they totally remind me of the mini-ecosystems you make in school with soda bottles, plants and a beta fish at the bottom. just these are well, a million times nicer and something you would be willing to leave out in your living room.

the ecosphere's have red shrimp, algae and microbes which all help each other survive in a sealed glass dome. such a great idea!
i'm not really ever planning on having a traditional wedding, but if i were, i would definitely get these invites by oslo press. how could you resist a wooden invitation? i wonder if they could engrave an elephant on it - then i would use it as an invite to my 30th birthday party in kenya. now that would be sweet.

my mom is a very lovely lady. she also paints really lovely portraits.
check out her newest one:

when i came across this site i just couldn't get enough -
hopefully you feel the same.

Peanuts, by Charles Bukowski.
panda's are all the rage in my office. this is primarily because colin is the biggest panda fan i've ever met. and sandy loves them to. so needless to say, anything panda related is instantly sent to either of them, because well, if you like anything, people automatically assume you're obsessed with it and want everything ever produced with it's likeness on it.

so today colin sent me this panda mouse. i almost kind of want it. i wonder if it comes in an ergonomic style...
happy friday!

sometimes i feel like i had more clarity when i was 13 then i do at 26.

a little film elliott smith was in that
always makes me smile...
so it turns out i'm a little too short for all the beach cruisers i want. but i'm so close to saying it doesn't matter so i can get this bike by beautiful!
did anyone catch the democratic debate tonight on cnn? this wasn't any normal debate with political journalists asking the same questions that never get answered. this debate was actually done in conjunction with people throughout the world submitted video questions they wanted to ask the presidential hopefuls - it was great. clinton and obama killed it if you ask me. edwards was interesting, but still too conservative religiously for my taste. the video questions were sincere, funny and a breath of fresh air in the otherwise stuffy realm of politics. the republican debate will be on september 17th. check out the questions asked today here.
last friday a group of us from the office took the ferry out to alcatraz. this was following a dash session to in-n-out where we swallowed our burgers whole while boarding the ferry and continued to munch on fries despite no longer being hungry. but this my friends is the in-n-out way. no fry left behind.

so as i mentioned, i had never been to alcatraz. i generally avoid anywhere but the zoo and disneyland if it means tourists are involved, but this was a special occasion. i have to admit, alcatraz is seriously awesome. the audio tour was actually really interesting and the best part was, you could fast forward if you moved faster then the little audio guide.

i would definitely recommend checking it out if you're ever in the city - and definitely hang out in the solitary confinement surreal.

i love when people analyze design beyond "it's cool" or "it sucks". i recently came across this article on speak up and totally love this breakdown of movie posters.

essentially, they looked at top ranking movie posters by rating (nc-17, pg, pg-13, etc.) and determined which colors are predominately used. surprisingly, white as a background virtually didn't exist. yet, i recall a particular graphic design teacher of mine attempting to beat into me that 'white space' was essential in graphic design. maybe he didn't actually mean white space as in the color but in open space...finally it's making sense (he he, j/k corwin...!).
marketing at it's finest...check out the article here.
since friday is just around the corner i thought you all might enjoy this one. my awesome co-worker kristie sent me a link to mappy hour - your local guide to happy hour watering holes in your local town. it has ratings, distances and more. so awesome.
while browsing through jess' blog today i came across type city. that's right - an interactive city made out of various type faces. when can i move in?

this friday i'm going to alcatraz for the very first time. yes, i know. i've lived in the city for a total of 5 years and have never been to the big rock in the middle of the bay. but i'm finally going so i'm excited, especially now that i heard alcatraz is going green.

in an attempt to become fully self-sufficient there will be biofuel generators, potable water from wasted sewage and a desalination plant powered by micro wind turbines.

and on top of all of that they are going to use hybrid powered boats to get all the little tourists out to the island. oh, and they're replanting the gardens. and getting a new audio tour. and letting people hold private events. i wonder when you can spend the night there...hooray for green!

help me help you. drop me a line if you're looking to work for a company that makes crazy videos like this when they're hiring...
those of you who have ever stayed with me in the city know i notoriously hand out my leftovers or leave them on top of trash cans for homeless people. some people argue that it motivates homeless people to stay homeless - but seriously, how on earth can someone be 'motivated' to live on the sidewalk?

luckily, a lot of people share my sentiment and there's now an organization here in the city that is helping to spread the word. replate is starting the conversation on homelessness and food. download free posters or request free stickers to spread the word in your hood...
sports acrobatics at it's finest - i felt like i was being torn in two just watching this, but naturally i couldn't stop. watch the whole thing so you see the human jump rope - unreal...check it out here...
sometimes i really miss having an electric guitar. other times i really miss my electric bass. and i almost never miss my acoustic because, well, it's with me here in the city and really hurts my fingers. so on occasion i start lusting after a new electric. it would be so much fun to pick one up again and re-learn how to play all those songs i once knew - and maybe even play them right this time around.

so today is one of those days that i want a new guitar. i know damn well that i won't buy one till i own my own place and don't have to worry about my landlord saying i'm too loud, so it will probably be awhile. but i still like to look anyways. i've said for probably a decade now that one day i'll own a les paul. i don't know why i'm so hung up on it, but i am. so today i wandered to gibson's site and found
this beauty. omg do i want it...

yay!!! i finally own a wii thanks to my awesome family who's up here visiting. i had never actually played a wii until tonight and let me just say, i understand the hype. this thing is freaking amazing. during the tennis game my little controler actually makes "whoosh" sounds just like a real racket - brilliant! oh the hours of fun to be had...he he he...
little wooden speakers? i love it!
(via geekologie)
i'm actually not sure if i've posted about this before, which should give you an idea of how long i've been eying it...i've seen this bird mobile at park life over on clement and love it - i just don't have anywhere to hang it from. so since i can't own it right now - maybe one of you can purchase it here.
i went down south this last weekend to visit oliver and the first night i was there we joined my mom and brother to watch ratatouille. it was seriously great. i was cracking up and fell utterly in love with every character. plus, the whole movie was set in paris - my favorite city in the world. needless to say, i'm desperately craving some real french food and want a pet rat (especially one who can cook!)

i have made fun of my mom all my life for wearing clogs. probably because she had me wear clogs to school when i was younger where i was subsequently belittled for a very, very long time. (european style was not a big hit in elementary school)

but now i suppose the german in my blood is finally coming out to proclaim to all those people who mocked me that clogs can be cool. just not the ones i used to wear.

i had seen some el naturalista shoes in a shop window once in los gatos and thought they were great, so i was ever so excited to finally find them online.

apparently they have a whole store in santa monica that i am now dying to check out - has anyone actually worn any of their shoes? i know they are environmentally friendly, but i wonder how comfortable they are...
saw these on siagrafica and fell in love. by japanese designer shinzi katoh, these and everything else on the site are to die for...
have you seen the new bravia ad yet?
if not, check it out here. so awesome.
i have no space for a paper shredder - yet i'm constantly thinking about one since i'm not a big fan of tossing documents into the trash that have personal info on them. so of course when i saw these scissors i fell in love - such a great idea! get your pair here.

omg. just when i thought i couldn't be any more childish at work i find these - crayola crayon executive pens. i'm a little bummed that they only come with blue ink and not black, but these are still absolutely amazing!
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