i have made fun of my mom all my life for wearing clogs. probably because she had me wear clogs to school when i was younger where i was subsequently belittled for a very, very long time. (european style was not a big hit in elementary school)

but now i suppose the german in my blood is finally coming out to proclaim to all those people who mocked me that clogs can be cool. just not the ones i used to wear.

i had seen some el naturalista shoes in a shop window once in los gatos and thought they were great, so i was ever so excited to finally find them online.

apparently they have a whole store in santa monica that i am now dying to check out - has anyone actually worn any of their shoes? i know they are environmentally friendly, but i wonder how comfortable they are...

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laura said...

i have a pair of their boots. they are amazing! though they run super small - i had to go up one whole size.

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