i went down south this last weekend to visit oliver and the first night i was there we joined my mom and brother to watch ratatouille. it was seriously great. i was cracking up and fell utterly in love with every character. plus, the whole movie was set in paris - my favorite city in the world. needless to say, i'm desperately craving some real french food and want a pet rat (especially one who can cook!)

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M.B. said...

I totally agree on Ratatouille. I saw it the 4th of July with a friend and then two of our other friends said they wanted to see it and we both went again!

RE: your other posts, really cool stuff. Have you ever checked out branchhome.com? It's kind of like wishingfish, but it's more about sustainable design.

If you have time, check out my blog! (protestpark.blogspot.com) I really enjoy yours.


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