sometimes i really miss having an electric guitar. other times i really miss my electric bass. and i almost never miss my acoustic because, well, it's with me here in the city and really hurts my fingers. so on occasion i start lusting after a new electric. it would be so much fun to pick one up again and re-learn how to play all those songs i once knew - and maybe even play them right this time around.

so today is one of those days that i want a new guitar. i know damn well that i won't buy one till i own my own place and don't have to worry about my landlord saying i'm too loud, so it will probably be awhile. but i still like to look anyways. i've said for probably a decade now that one day i'll own a les paul. i don't know why i'm so hung up on it, but i am. so today i wandered to gibson's site and found
this beauty. omg do i want it...

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